♣ What are the required Documents for Selling. ► We require following documents to allow selling on our portal.      • PAN Card      • Address Proof      Cancelled Cheque       GST Certificate      • Aadhar Card      • Brand Certificate or Authorisation Letter ( for branded products )   ♣ Eligibility criteria to sell on i-ranu.com   ► Anyone who is having age more than 18 years and is a citizen of our India can sell on i-ranu.com♣ Use of Documents demanded. Pan Card – Financial identity in India    • Address Proof – Business Location and Pickup.    • Cancelled Cheque – To Confirm Bank Details ( Payment Related )    • GST Certificate – Legal Registration In Taxation System India     Aadhar Card – Identity of Seller     Brand Certificate or Authorisation Letter. ( This document is not necessary if you’re selling generic goods but in case of any Brands it is must ) click to download sample♣ Penalties and it’s structure.       SLA Period is of flat 2 days from order date and time. ( after that order will be supplier cancelled )     Following are the penalty charges. Order is cancelled by a vendor within or after SLA, flat 100 ₹ will be charged per order ( of which 20% will be compensated to buyer for cancellation )     Different product, Damaged ( Size, Colour, Fabric ) is sent in order penalty would be flat 100 ₹     Counterfeit (Fake) product is sent on name of Brand 250 ₹     Zero charges for Customer Cancelled.   ♣  Return Charges / RTO Charges. We have a returns policy for customers for 3 working days.       Reverse pickup will be arranged by us.     If return is made stating reason of counterfeit, different, damaged product supplier will bear the reverse charges along with the respective penalties. ( checking will be done )     If dispatch is done within time of 24 hours of order confirmed than vendor do not to bear the RTO charges.     Vendor will be bearing RTO Charges if order is dispatched after 24 hours ( In Case of RTO Return ) ♣ Damaged and Lost orders. We take care of every single order and try our best via tracking that order is not lost, still if same is done we will be managing the case and vendor will be reimbursed by the payout.     Please keep in mind if you don’t receive the order back within 25 days report us on support@i-ranu.com, later to that no claims will be entertained.     We can’t entertain claims on damage due to low quality packaging.   ♣ Packaging Material. We appreciate you to use plain white tamperred proof pollybag or corrugated boxes ( click here to buy )     For Branded products you can use branded packaging but final packaging should be plain pollybag or corrugated boxes.     We advice you to use the best packaing to ensure damages can’t occur as if damage is done due pacaking we won’t entertain the claims.     ( For Example if a order of watch is sold by you in plain pollybag and any damage occurs to the same than we won’t be reimbursing the claim on that. )      ♣ Payments.       We relase payment every saturday so you can use your working capital in best way.       the payment release on every saturday is calculated by the formula of order delivery date + closure of return window.        For example you dispatched a order at 1st of a month and it gets delivered by 4th so considering 3 days of return window, the payment will be done the coming first saturday   ♣ Core Policies for Vendors.      For us on i-ranu.com all vendors are treated equally, but there is a code of conduct or can say policies for all.   1) We provide SLA for 2 Days to dispatch the order. 2) In case any paymnet is delayed to you or any issue you need contact us on support@i-ranu.com and we try our best to solve the issue in 7 days finally. 3) You should contact us for any issue and should not use social media for that. ( if we failed to provide or help, you are free to use that medium ) 4) We try our best to reach new customers and provide them best service and have big budgets for the same so its a request that no vendor will deal with buyer directly. If any such matter found that, it will be a breach to the policies and vendor account of vendor will be suspended and will be penalized by 50 % of the final settlement amount. 5) We appreciate our vendors to sell best and quality products only, if we found any vendor selling low quality goods on name of original, vendor will be penalized. 6) All the contact details and addresses of customers are confidential and should be used to deal via i-ranu only. Hence any miss use of those details will lead to permanent suspension and freeze of payments untill final settlement and penalty of 50% of the total payments. 7) Our Vendors are requested to trade for the products shown only, In case we found that any one trading illegal or other products a strict legal action would be taken on the vendor alongwith suspension from our marketpalce. ( Please keep in mind that all the products are scanned by the services and such cases would be traced. )   ♣ Core Policies for Artists/ Designers/ Custom Creators.   1) On i-ranu.com we believe fast and quality work. Hence we belive that all the orders confirmed to you will be of best quality. 2) We understand that as this work requires contant clarification for the best results thus we would be sharing contact details of the client to you. We assume that all the communications between both the entity and client would be under our supervision and we request that entity would not deal with the client directly without presence of i-ranu, if any such case found we would be suspending the registeration permanently and funds pending withus would be on hold till final solution. 3) All the materials required for the creation of art and all others would be beared by the entity and i-ranu is not obliged to provide any support on that. 4) All the dealings are done on pre-fixed details for work and price, thus we won’t be entertaining any extra claims for the same.     ♣ Delivery Charges :     We Will bear the delivery and logistics charges.